Jim Bartolomei - Bassist, Vocalist

Jim says, “of the members of In Our Dreams, [he] has the least time, of actual band, stage experience.” You’d never think that once you’ve seen them perform. Jim carries the band along by creating a major part of its distinctive sound with his dynamic funk, syncopation and counter harmony mastery.

Jim spent most of his musical history writing and playing guitar, listening to Tower of Power, and other funk & soul bands, while his contemporaries were listening to radio rock. Only after embracing the bass, did he realize how his love for funk could be meaningfully experienced. Studying players such as Rocco Prestia, Victor Wooten, Mark King, Jaco (of course), and others made his direction clear.

“In Our Dreams became the ultimate outlet.” ~Jim

Jim is a founding member of the band, whos faithfulness toward this idea, made it a reality.