Kork Moyer - Guitarist, Vocalist

Kork has always been a musician. He began playing within his local club scene, when he was around 13 years old when he was touted as a novelty prodigy, and has since played with enough bands that he can’t remember them all.

As with any guitar player today, Kork had many of the usual influences; from Jimi to Eddie; blues to metal, jazz to funk; and later found his guitar heroes to be from the progressive “art rock” genre, like Allan Holdsworth, Adrian Belew, Greg Howe, and finding his biggest influence in the musicianship and songwriting of Todd Rundgren. Kork worked hard to be an accomplished “guitar-slinger,” and had commercial success playing with some really fine and talented musicians, the most achievement, with Joey Saint & HiFi for many years, signing, and losing a record deal with Atlantic Records (all for the best, he says).

Kork has made the rounds through the industry, opening for national, and international acts, such as; The Smithereens, Pretty Poison, The Slickee Boys, A Flock of Seagulls, Bricklin, Tom Gillam, The Vels, Level 42, and the Edgar Winter Group.

Kork is also a leader in the faith community of South Eastern PA, an activist, and the founder of The Ministries at MAIN St Homeless Shelter; a cooperative of churches that care for their local homeless community, by providing food, friendship and a bed, nightly.

His favorite color is plaid.