In Our Dreams Stories

IOD is Climbing the Charts 

 Wow! We are currently number 4 of the ReverbNation R&B/Soul Charts for the Greater Philly area! Who knew?

We'd like to thank you all for visiting us, playing along with us, and for your friendship to us!

And don't forget to ask for us in a venue near YOU!

~The Band

A Harrowing Experience  

Beat!! All I can say, is that Kevin Wesley Williams is one awesome Producer!! Yesterday was a huge learning curve for me personally, using some studio techniques I’ve never done before. Just like the ole’ analog days, where nearly nothing was fit together electronically. Instead, he killed me!! by having me sing one of my more difficult song, rapid-fire, part-after-part, three and four times, to total 194 different parts!! (Yes, I did the math on this one.)

Lots of concentration and stamina, and I only…Read more

Back to the Studio Today 

Recording today... Tracking vocals, and more guitar (including solos) on our stuff; We get to re-make another artist's song with our vibe, and will be discussing a possible record for yet another artist. More info to come, as things develop. Nice times.

“Step Right Up…!!” 

Well, its been quite a ride so far. We performed our initial outing back in May, and had been working to pull show elements together, when we caught on to a great musical community—Kevin Wesley Williams from WesMis Studio/Shows, and his counterparts at High Sundry Studio.

These folks are amazing, as they build something sorely needed, and hopefully what will become a staple in our local music scene. We’ve tossed our collective hats into the ring of their ventures to help try to establish this project,…Read more