Steve Bennett - Drums

According to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bennett, realized that their son Steve had an aptitude for hitting loud things, when they found him in his grandparent's kitchen beating pots and pans with two wooden spoons. 

Much later, Steve received formal training in the percussive arts throughout his high school years.  Although he'd have preferred to attend Berkley in Boston, Steve would receive the rest of his musical education by joining a full time band, right out of
 high school.  The 60's were a rich musical time for him, and embarking on that journey, he would never look back. 
Steve has opened for touring acts like Cheep Trick, REO Speedwagon and Styx. Steve was also a touring member of Tommy James' band.  He moved to the east coast in 1981, seeking a recording deal that proved elusive, but continued his career with other touring acts.

Today, he is thrilled with his position as the drummer for IOD, who  he insists are some of the most gifted musicians he's played with, to date.  Steve brings a lot to their horizons and the band thinks the results are pretty “Dreamy.”